Tuesday, 18 October 2011

24. Goin' Out West

Denim Gilet- Wrangler
Skinny Cords- Wrangler
Vest- Primark
Cardigan-EC Star (very old)
Shoes- Irregular Choice

More layering today, and I love love LOVE this denim jacket/waistcoat/gilet whatever you want to call it. Its sheepskin lined and keeps me surprisingly warm considering it has no sleeves! Oh and er...brown hair! Kept it lighter towards the ends to try and keep it looking a bit interesting, and I quite like that where different parts of my hair had been bleached different amounts, there are various darker and lighter tones running all the way through it. But now I need to swear off going near my hair with anything other than deep conditioning treatments. In fact....I'm going to try and leave it alone for the rest of this year. GULP. What do you reckon?

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