Wednesday, 26 October 2011

28. Out with old...

In with the to be exact. Just last night I thought to myself "After Christmas I am going to treat myself to a nice shiny new camera as mine is 2 years old and only 10mp, which whilst it was good at the time, is now practically prehistoric."
However, somehow this prehistoric camera heard my thoughts and promptly said to itself "Well if she doesn't want me, she shall not have me" and somehow broke, despite just being sat on the side, doing nothing remotely dangerous.
So after a browse online, I noticed a beauty half price on Argos. A Nikon Coolpix L120. Thats it in the photo, ain't it purdy?
So rather than paying off a nice sum on my credit card, I only paid a mediocre sum and used the leftover cash towards the camera. And put the rest on my credit card. Sshhh, don't ponder too much into the logic of that, and don't tell my mum.

Anyway, I've been having a play around with it this afternoon and took a few snaps that I find my face ok-ish (big "ish") enough to upload, just because they are the handiwork of the Nikon.



Jumper and Skirt, H&M Necklace (old) Topshop.

I promise not to include to many 16shot photos of me blinking (I cant believe it captured a blink!) and I also promise to clean my mirror. (That's a lie.)

Oh, here is one last photo. There is a setting on the camera for food photos, so here is my boyfriend Thomas pretending to be a carrot.

I think you'll agree that he is most convincing.

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  1. Ah lucky you! I have been needing to treat myself to a camera for so long! Also, I love what your wearing!