Wednesday, 19 October 2011

25. In The Pink

Top and Skirt- both H&M
Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Threw this snuggly jumper on today as I felt the need for some comfort on my skin after my boyfriend took me out on a run. A RUN!! I instantly felt it was too snuggly, so finally I got the chance to wear this leather (well, leather look) skirt that I blogged about here about a month ago. The perfect tough, sexy companion to my girly bit of fluff. I don't wear much pink, but will definitely be wearing this jumper again on the 28th for the breast cancer awareness wear it pink day.

Conversation when running
Me: "I genuinely think I'm going to die right now"
Tom: "Do you want to stop for a bit?"
Me: "NO!"....*30 seconds later*..."yes."

Girl did good though, it was at least 2 miles we did, I'm determined to be superfit and toned to perfection by Christmas. Then I won't feel too bad when I'm sat, surrounded by turkey and roast potatoes, gravy dribbling down my chin, eyeing up my eighth bacon-wrapped-sausage in a row.

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  1. Gorgeous! we love pink too!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!