Monday, 19 December 2011

44. Currently Coveting...

Bit of a biased post, as I everything I am currently coveting (well, not everything, just saw some tres cool wall hangings today) but everything fashion/beauty wise, is from the make up range at Soap&Glory. I have a love hate thing going on with this brand-I love the smell of The Breakfast Scrub, but I hate that it makes me want to eat it and its not edible. Just a heads up, don't lick it. I know its hard to resist, but honestly, it just tastes of soap, and absolutely no glory.
Anyway, Dear Santa (and anyone else in the world) GIVE ME ALL OF THESE THINGS, PLEASE AND THANKYOUS.


Supercat liquid liner, Smoulder Kohl eye pencil, Trick And Treatment under eye concealer, Glow All Out highlighter, Kick Ass Concealer, Marvelips double ended lip pencil. All Soap&Glory!

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