Thursday, 8 December 2011

41. Pearl Gran

Jumper-Urban Outfitters (renewal), Jeans-Wrangler, Shoes-I've no idea, just a local independent shoe shop!

Bought this jumper in Brighton on Tuesday, along with a peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks, an amazing waist belt that will no doubt crop up on here soon, and a little adornment for our flat that I will also post up soon.

But back to the jumper-it actually has little pearls (well...faux pearls) sewn into the knit. Amazing. It was between this and an awesome one with cats all over it-but I felt this might be vaguely more wearable, and I haven't removed it since. Its super duperly cosy.

Nearly got all my christmas shopping done, including the sweetest little salt and pepper set in the shape of mopeds for my nan, who used to ride about on one until her late sixties! Has everyone else finished their shopping yet, or have you not even started?


  1. aww lucky you, i´ve hardly even thought about the presents yet ;)
    aw yeah that sweater looks nice :) and i love love your shoes :) the pics look good in front of the guitar and stuff haha, good match ;D i´m now ur newest follower

  2. Ahh, thanks very much! And thanks for following, hope I keep up being interesting enough for you! xx

  3. Yay I looove this jumper - so sweet! I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, just need to buy for my brothers which is proving very difficult! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought