Sunday, 4 December 2011

40. Tough Love and the Hunter

 Top-One Teaspoon, Jeans-Lee Scarlett Skinny, Boots-Topshop, Cape-ASOS, Mittens-Dorothy Perkins

Today I began my Christmas shopping, which whilst I wasn't entirely successful-I ended up buying myself a new coat at the same time, has eased my stress levels slightly, and I feel like the never-ending to do list has at least had a few things crossed off of it. Despite the purchase of the new coat, which was a gorgeous coloured fur from Warehouse and was justified by using the 25% discount offered via Grazia magazine (offer runs til December 8th I believe, be quick!) there wasn't actually a whole lot in the shops that I was tempted by. I had actually been dreading going round town in case I succumbed to the heady desire for new purchases, and would find myself once again penniless straight after payday. But through no strong will of my own, I didn't find myself ooh-ing and aah-ing over unneccessary purchases in the slightest. Can only be a good thing I suppose.

One thing I did have to buy though was an M&S Christmas soup. It tasted like liquid stuffing, but in a strangely good way. I'm also wanting to try some Mine Pie ice cream. Seems its my actual taste, not my fashion taste that's carving the most attention right now.

How's everyone elses Christmas shopping coming along? Are you organised this year or stressing with lack of ideas?

And oh yes, I have a fringe. Self cut of course. You like?

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