Saturday, 24 December 2011

46. Festive Falsies

I haven't bought false nails since I was about 12 and they fell off after an hour, but assuming this is the kind of thing to have been improved upon in 11 years, and in a merry festive frenzy, I went ahead and bought a set of 100 for like 6 quid from Boots by a brand called Kiss. I've no idea if thats a good brand or a crap brand but it seemed good value and they fit my nails well. Painted them in an Accessorize shade called Storm and then the tips in Deborah Lipman Razzle Dazzle Two of them did fall off at work the next day-breaking boxes and long nails don't mix, but I restuck them with some random industrial glue I found at work. Very proffessional. All in all, I like, but I can't use the keypad very well on my phone anymore so I accidentally send half finished mis-spelt messages to people, as if I'm permanently drunk

I'm not drunk sadly though, I am dosed up on lemsip as snot runs down my face. Mmmmm. My mum and stepdad just came round for dinner (delish if I say so myself, seems I am an ace cook) and I could feel the damned cold coming on, just in time for Christmas day, hurrah.

Anyway, enough moaning from me, Merry Christmas everyone, hope Santa treats you well, here is a picture of my bunny in a box to speed you on your way to Christmas.

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